The NEW iPhone 5s - Coming December of 2013

The New iPhone 6 - Photos and Features!

The all new iphone 6 is already buzzing with speculation but we know it is scheduled to release in June of 2014...and the best part - it will be in a variety of colors!!!! So far we know of the black, white, silver and gold, metallic blue and cherry red. Will it be a complete redesign? Yes! Curved screen, LARGER screen and lighter over all. But It will have new features? Absolutely. Tons of them.

The iphone 6 is going to be loaded with awesome new features like face recognition and password "patterns" or "gestures"..basically you can draw your password to unlock your phone, or use your fingerprint on the home key, plus pair your finger print with your face for extra protection! The new iPhone 6 will be comparable to Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note, since it is obvious bigger screens are what people want.

Pattern security, has been available on Android devices for some time. Apple is either just getting around to adding these features, OR, they are only adding them because people are demanding it. The new iPhone 6 features are speculated, but have been well received by the public and will typically follow suit based on previous releases and their features. (List of possible features below).

Currently, Sharp is making a curved/flexible super HD display that will make the iPhone the most clear, sharp and crisp, color rich screen on the market. The screen will likely be a size up from the Galaxy S4. The screen will boast Retina display to match the current iPad. There will also be a new keyboard feature that, when selected, will be a wider keyboard with a bit larger buttons.. much easier for web surfing and emails! Apple has invested billions to bring us the new IGZO technology and production in China has already started along with Sharp.

The new iphone 6 may also have a liquid type screen allowing for it to be flexible which will make it almost impossible to shatter the phone. It allows for movement which also makes it much easier in pockets and purses.

The new iPhone 6 may also be a standard USB charger which we all know everyone wants! No more buying separate, specific chargers for every device.

Apple recently filed several patent applications in order to bring 3D picture capturing to the new Apple iphone. It will be capable of rendering, capturing and processing 3D images, which coincides with the recent changes to the dual-camera hardware. It will have performance improvements to its newly released Panoramic photos to include 3D video.

The new iPhone 6 will continue with the current expansion of LTE - Long Term Evolution technology according to AT&T which is due to the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) which is in line with the most recent technology standards for mobile networks.

A few features of the new iPhone 5s:

1) Bigger screen

2) Apple A7 processor with RAM boost from 1GB to 2GB

3) Face recognition to pair with your finger print

4) Apple iOS7 updates

5) Custom E-mail alerts with ability to assign different tones to each email address (like Blackberry)

6) Shatter resistant curved glass (IGZO)

7) 10 MEGAPIXEL Camera rear and 8 in front

8) 64G Basic and 120G memory

9) Extended battery life = 10 hours talk time on LTE 4G. Standby 72 hours.

7) 3D photo and video recording

8) Messaging indicator light (not flashing, but small and red - like Blackberry).

9) HTML5 (safari) or apps to make Flash Player capable through apps

10) Standard USB charger

The new iPhone 6 will also be a World Phone. This is accomplished building 2 to 3 internal antennas which makes it capable of GSM and CDMA technology, so you can take the phone to any network in any country! The iPhone will be able to switch to any carrier on any network so that you don't have to buy another iphone when you switch carriers.

Solves a ton of issues when traveling abroad, but be sure to call your cell provider to add a world package for calling and data which includes a flat monthly fee and lower per minute rates.

Pre order will be available in all of the new iphone colors. It is sleek and very stylish!

See new iPhone 6 photos below! (SEE WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING).

The new iPhone 6

The New iPhone 5s or iPhone 6

5 stars for The New iPhone 5s or iPhone 6

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The New iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 - Leave your comments! 138 comments

verizonni 4 months ago

iPhone is the best cell phone for me

tom hass 12 months ago

you can check more information here

pavrun 13 months ago

And it us a good film for everyone

arnob0024 profile image

arnob0024 22 months ago

New features looking attractive, especially bigger screen, extended Ram, updated camera and World phone feature. Thanx for sharing this hub.

vimlakajla 23 months ago

Very very good....I like it

Sherawrong 24 months ago

NO ONE WANTS FLASH SHERA, IT IS A PRIMITIVE TECHNOLOGY AND A PATHETIC TECHNOLOGY! Buggy, heavy and so much more! Why in the world would anyone want flash. It's shit! Unless you want your iPhone or whatever crashing and unless you watch pirated content you don't need flash! Apps work well like netflix without flash on the iOS devices. YouTube doesn't even use it in the iOS devices so shut up

Shera 2 years ago

Flash player please!!!

Kayla 2 years ago

Pink would be nice color wise. Waterproof and Siri needs upgraded big time

hamidou 2 years ago

please make it unlock this is very important make open for all your customers please thank you and make an anti theft thank you

Vanlalduhzuala 2 years ago

The new phone is great and i love it but i want it with aluminium not like a thin one just like iphone 5. Anyway, i have waited 3 months already i will buy it as iphone is the best phone ever for me

Donna 2 years ago

Why did you change the charger end? Makes no sense. I have all my accessories from my 4 and to change means buying everything again. :(

diamond girl 2 years ago

Water proof a must, and a select all option for clearing away a cluttered email box.

bill 2 years ago

they need to make google chrome the internet instead of sarfai

sickdub profile image

sickdub 2 years ago from Kansas

cool article

CrazyDiva 2 years ago

Siri can be difficult & not understand you no matter how clearly you speak. When she doesn't understand me & asks me to try again it would be nice if she allows me to speak without me touching the button to bring her up again. Voicetexting & being read aloud would be greatly appreciated if more improved.

Saving texts to another technological devices such as a laptop so you don't lose them without having to take pictures of them or copying every line before trying to email.

I'm glad to hear about the longer battery life. & I am glad to hear some fixes on storage. I have to travel abroad (sadly) but the possibility of it working world wide is very nice & exciting. I've found ways to make custom ringtones but making it easier or whatever is very nice. Thank you.

A more durable & waterproof phone would be very nice. I would like the color purple as well please. I like the size of my current iPhone, after all it is after all a phone. Does anyone ever remember when the smaller the phone the better? Can't we just find a medium, oh wait we did :)

Thanks for all the hard work on iPhones(if anyone in that business is reading this lol). I look forward to getting another iPhone. I do enjoy them.

Icustomer 2 years ago

1. USB port - not nessary but would make the world a better place.

2. Better sound quality-obvs needs work - might be expensive but Bose might help you out seeing as you'd be advertising their speakers everywhere.

3. Make the camera bigger and lense wider - I had a 8mp with my Sony Ericsson in like 2009 step it up, I never understood the tiny camera? Everyone takes photos.

4. You made messaging free with iMessage, what about RF calls ? "Italk" "Iwalkytalky" or Bluetooth calls. Kill off the providers like Telstra, Vodaphone, Orange, all they do is screw people over, they deserve it.

5. A last call button or battery boost button, so when your battery has run out or dieing you can make that urgent 15second call!

Ann Millard 2 years ago

Bigger screen. I'm secretly jealous of all my friends with those large phones.

jacktheripper2500 2 years ago

stun gun, laser and 3000 lumen searchlight. lol

Tyler 2 years ago

1. Large variety of colors. (specifically Orange!)

2. Dont make the screen any larger, dont want to hold a tablet up to my head!

3. Camera zoom more clear. other than those easy to fix problems, that would be a perfect phone.

hutudah 2 years ago

PURPLE!!!! great color

pent 2 years ago

1, usb port

2. flash

3.bigger screen , beter camera

4.improve siri

5.better way of managing 3 way call .

6.the ability upload large video to facebook without using 3party software.

Eliza 2 years ago

The new phone needs:

1. Camera zoom. Megapixels don't mean much if you have to be 2 feet away to get a clear image

2. Add removable storage. Duh!

3. STOP increasing the screen/device size. I don't need to hold a tablet up to my head to talk. It is still a phone, after all.

4. Multitasking screens is a plus

Pankaj Gedam 2 years ago

I am excited to buy a new iphone 5s or 6

Lexie 2 years ago

MAKE IT WATERPROOF! Hopefully i can get it for a good price with my phone upgrade. I heard that the bigger the screen the more battery it loses. ugh. Hope this phone is as good as it seems.

hamidou ba 2 years ago

please make this phone unlock i was waiting for i phone for 7 month and it came lock because i travel a lot i have to buy 16 gb in dubai for $ 950 and lot of people don t like phone with contra and today this world soul not stop buying what they wan because a company wan make they bilion $ thank you you doing good and kip up this god work don t let samsung intimidating you don t forget lot of people they are all apple like me so unlock it for us thank you

Johan 2 years ago

What is the problem with the 3G on My iphone. Its works fine one day. But the mext day i have no 3G and have to booth the Phone all the Time. Fed up with that

ratt57 2 years ago

I've kept my 4S after hearing from so many 5 users that the battery runs down extremely quickly due to the larger screen size. Apple seriously needs to consider a better and larger power source for their phones, or the ability to add an extra battery (and not by the expensive Mophie... I shelled out $100.00 and the input jack broke gave out within a month it was so small). I have pretty much the same problem with my 4S; with just normal usage, by 4 or 5 p.m. each day the battery has pretty much decreased to 25%.

Dman8969 2 years ago

1)Upgraded Siri ability to read emails and text.

2)Better Volume.

3)Water proof.

4)Better Bluetooth Capability

5)Fast action Camera for quick picture.

6) Ability select and read to u such as emails,articles, and books.

Read some of the new feature supposed to be added sounds nice.Cant wait have Have galaxy s4 and iPhone 5 love my Apple Products

frenchy 2 years ago

make it waterproof

Leah 2 years ago

*Sigh* Yet ANOTHER iphone. I guess my new five is going to be out of date!

Ron Harper 2 years ago

They missed 2 of the most important features needed.Replaceable Battery, and a way to add storage.

paul cerda sepulveda 2 years ago

13mp camera like the galaxie and more volume, lots more volume , please !!!

FullOfLoveSites profile image

FullOfLoveSites 2 years ago from United States

It looks like an Android phone. But the features are really impressive, on the camera alone and the World Phone feature. Thanks for your iPhone hub.

Denise 2 years ago

Talk and surf the web at the same time

Steven 2 years ago

Customizable, individualized SMS message screen. This would help keep from sending texts to the wrong recipient. You would recognized the customized background.

Sander Kiesel 2 years ago

DUAL SIM!!! (or even better: triple sim). But of course, you should be able to switch off one of them when you want (impossible with my Nokia c2).

And yes, a 3D REAR camera would be nice.

Faunda 2 years ago

you have to have pink!! And the bigger screen will make it perfect !!!!

DP 2 years ago

Plean install a hot spot like the Galaxy SIII and this phone will be perfect!

Michelle 2 years ago


Darleen 2 years ago

New iPhone should have Adobe and the new feature that Samsung has on the new Galaxy, when taking photos you can delete the background .

TO SAVE LIVES it should have the means to speak the text messages to you when driving, with the technology for you to reply to message, without taking your hands off the steering wheel.

Farah 2 years ago

Must come in purple

Darleen 2 years ago

I hope that Apple reads all these comments regarding features that are important and should be a definite part of the Iphone 6 prior to production and release this time around, not break it down into two separate releases.

Better camera, ability to record conversation, longer battery life, improved speaker, improved Siri, a back button and the ability to print.

Wendyf 2 years ago

cannot wait for the bigger screen!!!! Have resorted to a galaxy because of this but not impressed, will buy iphone6 as soon as available, please hurry!!!!!!!

Jen 2 years ago

For sure more colors, better battery, google maps, bigger screen....can't wait.

Anon 2 years ago

I love my Iphone 4s just fine and it still works like a perfect charm. Haven't even considered upgrading to the 5 after all of the horrible things I've heard about it and the 6 is just laughable right now. People jump at this new one for, ooh, shatter resistant glass and pretty colors. Here's a thought: don't drop your phone and buy a nice pretty $3 case instead of shelling out $500. Then again, people don't think.

Jlynn14 2 years ago

No pink one? :-(

FilmGirl 2 years ago

So the question for me is, do I wait... 4 more months and hope my phone can survive that much longer, or do I upgrade now to the 5 which is proven reliable.... No idea what to do.

Bg 2 years ago

I hate apple three way call feature if you have sprint and are on a conference call you can't hang up on one caller you must end the whole conversation. This is the worst feature!

mike 2 years ago

how about a little better speaker i know its not a boom box! but its quite a big difference from other phones.

Adam 2 years ago

Must have a way to block calls from certain phone numbers! How hard can it be!!!!

Debbie 2 years ago

I so.... hope they go back to the old connector instead of the IPhone 5 version. PLEASE.....

Kevin 2 years ago

How about adding baby blue and lime green as color options! I would like to have a baby blue iphone color!

Lenny vargas 2 years ago

You should be able to take your self off a group text when you don't wanted to be a part of it anymore.

Dhonzie 2 years ago


Nicko 2 years ago

How much is it? The price shouldn't be as high as the iPhone 5 was because that was ridiculous. If you want to make money lower the price and more people will buy.. Apple should work on increasing battery life a considerable amount.

Also there should be a way to connect to any printer. Especially for iPad. Please correct me if there is a way as It would really help me.

But all the other features seem great and it will be good to see how this turns out. Goodluck apple!

ibtht1 2 years ago

Add ORANGE as a color option!!! PLEASE & THANK YOU!!!!! ;o)

BAM 2 years ago

Siri was designed by an American English speaking country so maybe you need to work on your accent.

Scott 2 years ago

It would be nice if it was as strong as an otter box otherwise it does not matter what color it is

Jackielyn Liguid 2 years ago

Don't have a pink one ? :(

alee 2 years ago

would love to see a missed call or voice mail indacator so you don't have to keep waking the phone up

HHS 2 years ago

How about an app so that you can record a two way call.

A must for the buissnes user that takes lots of enquirys whilst driving.

Andreas 2 years ago

Sounds like you all need a S3.........

Good 2 years ago

Good phone

Annette 2 years ago

I would like to see the ability to mark text messages as unread.

Also, to address Dana's question about saving a message, you can either take a picture of the screen by simultaneously pressing the on/off button and the select buttons. You can also tap the edit button when viewing a message, then mark all the messages you want to keep and forward them to your email.

Guy 2 years ago

i hope they improve siri cause that they have now cannot understand you if you got an accent. Suck!!

Nickle 2 years ago

Needs to come out in a hot pink. This is a must

missX 2 years ago

i just want it to be in a pink color too ;)

RJ 2 years ago

One feature that wasn't listed and is long overdue is a "back" button, so you don't have to start the whole application/search over from the beginning.

cock love pussy 2 years ago

iphone 6 because we already know that siri is on it

peace 2 years ago

love it

Kiara M. 2 years ago

Honestly, I think there should be more space between the screen and the edge of the phone like in past models. Seems strange to me.

Becky 2 years ago

I love it! I will wait for this one, hope this one has scratch proof if it is going to be in colors because with a cover your not going to show your magnific color .

Mario 2 years ago

They should put there at least 12Meg camera or even higher resolution. An upgrade from 8 to 10Meg doesn't produce a satisfaction... Unless they improve the camera I wont buy it, same as I didn't buy iPhone 5 which should be more advanced than 4s... iPhone 5 shouldn't be as expensive as it is, because doesn't offer what we all expect form APPLE company - much better features than others and new tech. surprise...

Generally speaking, it seems like development team of iPhone5 was asleep in compartment with companies as Samsung or Sony. What's wrong with them ? Hopefully they wake up, because it looks like APPLE has finished with original and fantastic ideas, once Steve passed away...

alexis 2 years ago

They should allow u to custom make the colors so u could do tie -die

2 years ago

What is LTE?

jp 2 years ago

I would like to see a SAT phone capability to get service where cell towers are not in abundance or when surrounding area prevents service such as forests/national parks.

Dana 2 years ago

I hope on the new iphone 6 that you will be able to save your text messages like any other phone out there. This is one reason why I do not like my iphone 5. I hope apple sends an update out that people can do for their phone seeing how a lot of people just got their 5.

Eddie1960 2 years ago

I love my iPhone 4 and after reading this blog for a school project, I cannot wait for the iPhone 6 and it features. The shatter resistant glass is a definite plus. The bigger screens and the sleek design all make it worth the wait. Plus, the Full 1080p HD Recording and 3D Video Recording / Display is exciting. The imaging improvements with 10 megapexel Camera rear and 8 in front. Watch out Galaxy the iPhone is still stronger.

sbm 2 years ago

I would love to see iPhones & iPads both have unlimited data time. I am happy with Verizon & their coverage. Do not want to change to AT&T

Eduard0 2 years ago

I have had an android Galaxy SII skyrocket since June last year because I could not wait for the Iphone 5 and needed LTE. This was a big mistake. I hate HATE my Samsung Galaxy. These are the reasons

(i) The battery is terrible. I am in my seconds battery and all I do is to look for outlets to plug it in.

(i) Hate Android. The browser has no forward arrow unless you go to the menu. My phone book has 10 copies of every phone and email, it is supposed to synchronize by every time it updates the OS it doubles the repeats!

Searching is horrible and the voice search does not work.

(iii) The overall feel is very crude and flimsy.

(iv) They say in the internet that you are able to unlock it and use

apps for tethering for free. Not true, I received an email form AT&T saying that they will increase my fee if I ever Tether again.

In december AT&T will allow me a new phone and I cant wait for the iphone 6.


Steph 2 years ago

The iPhone 6 sounds fab but much prefer the more sleek shape Rother then the square shape that the iPhone is now

mm 2 years ago

Make a pink as an option for color!

2 years ago

How about finding a way for ALL users on ANY data plan from ANY provider access to Facetime through 4G. Currently ATT has us blocked unless you downgrade (if you already have unlimited) to one of their mobile share plans. This should not be allowed. It's a feature offered by Apple on an Apple device and should be useble in any format not one the provider can block.

saka 2 years ago

i phone6 how much?????????

Helen Wiebe 2 years ago

I would like the iphone to print out the message from the caller from a cell phone. I'm hard of hearing.

Candy 2 years ago

Please reinstall the "Show My Caller ID" and "Call Frowarding" functions within the phone settings!!!

NOTHE,NA KEPU 2 years ago

i will get this phone i don't care whether it cost a lot

Once was lost 2 years ago

Wow there are a lot of mindless followers of apple, " Lets put a letter or a new number on something and call it new"

Until they truly start inovating they will never put out a superior phone. They just will repackage the old phone by adding a couple "new " features like another row on the home screen or a new Mapping app, or someone that will answer questions for you.

Apple might continue an upward trend on selling more units as long as they are the "Fad" but playing it safe will eventually blow up in their face. Looking at apples share holders confidence in the stocks it might be trending that way.

jack 2 years ago

Made in china? Don't trust 'm a bit. Remember the Chinese gov't are having a goodtime hacking anyone online as confirmed by the US gov't? Heard that they are manufacturing these phones, computers, and other internet hardwares, with covertly implanted components that enables them to easily hack each device's contents. I'm helping my country recover better economically. For me, no more product made from any communist country.

really 2 years ago

we will have to see it to believe it

Coach Marylee 2 years ago

Sounds great!! Looking forward to it!!

reagon 2 years ago

the phone should be sleek

Anne 2 years ago

i wish that they would allow you to write your messages with a stylist like they do in some of the other phones

Renato pastor 2 years ago

i think the i phone 6 is better than Other Smart Phone if make iit Widder the Screen. to Compare the Iphone5 And Also Kindly Little Reduce it The Price...... Thank

dayanara 2 years ago

i really cant wait til the new iphone 6 comes out my dad said he is going to buy me one or two yeah, awesome, love it,hope it comes sooner

Shawn James 2 years ago

I really, really, really hope that they make the screen bigger. I really want a bigger screen but I don't want to switch to droid. If all this speculation is true, this phone will be the best phone EVER!!! Which would be so awesome!!!

Deb 2 years ago

It certainly needs to have flash. Doing business is so hard with out it.

ceellzzz 2 years ago

oh man i just bought iphone 5 just now T^T

Lee 2 years ago

Will you be able to download of torrents ?

My mate can on his galaxy s3

Daniel 2 years ago

Awesome... iPhone 6 coming soon :)

Katy 2 years ago

OMG i was going to get the 5 for my bday but now i am so waiting and getting this!!!!!!!!

lxs 2 years ago

yes, this is what I wanted to hear. Hope it all comes to life. A bigger screen is much, much needed. The current one is way too small, especially after you use a samsung galaxy or note. It makes the iphone look teeny tiny! So this will make me wait, I was getting close to switching!

ksper 2 years ago

OMG Can. NOT. WAITTTT!!!!!....I was going to upgrade to the 5 but I will msot definitely hold off for this phone!

Shortncutekitty79 2 years ago

I love my iPhone 5!!! I've been with android since I first started with Verizon almost 8 yrs now n love the iPhone way better! Only thing I can't stand which I was very use to was the option on droids had phone or on a 16mg card which you CAN'T do on apple!So I use uo my memory space way to dang fast and really hate that n have to also delete a lot on my mini iPad 2!!!!! Otherwise I love apple please see into more memory space for the 16gb phones!!!! Thanks apple n hope for a newer, better improved iPhone this yr can't wait to buy!!!! ;)

a.wan77 2 years ago

I would like to see the iPhone 5S or 6 come with a dual sim feature, as this would be very useful for people who have 2 numbers.

Vjcatangui 2 years ago

I like everything of the features especially the body style of the iphone 6 except the size. I hope it's not too expensive

bella 2 years ago

Is the new Iphone 6 going to be about as big as the Samsung Galaxy? Not sure I will like it :(

Glenn 2 years ago

Be nice if Apple allowed Verizon or Sprint to make calls and look up stuff(doing 2 tasks at the same time would be great) like AT&T can do now.

Samy 2 years ago

Whatever they do, they cannot beat Samsung (except with the price).. lol...

jess 2 years ago

I was just considering renewing my contract but I think I will now wait for the Iphone 6 to come out... what is a few months....

The new features sound great... I can not wait for a better camera... still dealing with the Iphone 4 and the lack of a good camera

Claudia 2 years ago

HUmmm I guess Iphone 6 is better to WOW me ... or I am gone to Samsung galaxie note .... Iphone 6 has to get soon ...or I am gone.

Mateus Cardoso 2 years ago

I hope they never create these ridiculous colors for the iPhone just like in the iPod! that sucks!

Shawty8 2 years ago

Does anyone know how much the IPhone6 will cost?

I am a Iphone4s user and contemplating about getting the new Ipad.

Now, if the Iphone 6 is coming in soon I guess there will be a new Ipad as well. Since I am apple fun I think I should wait till the new generation is out. Does someone have a suggestion about this?

Astra Nomik profile image

Astra Nomik 2 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

Um... iPhone in red? Any other colours I wonder? I never had an iPhone. But this sounds wonderful. :) I know a lady using iPhone 4S and she laments the poor battery and few hours between charges on it.

I think Google Maps are the best. Some of these suggested improvements are great. Compared to the Samsung galaxy Note II, this sounds like a great improvement on that, as well as the current iPhone 5.

Thank you for the excellent hub on the iPhone 6.

wricz:) 2 years ago

cool!!! very nice!!! I wish I could have one!!!

Jack 2 years ago

well, a tint of red would've been more nice. i hope it comes also with black and Sliver...

to Apple- We'd love it more if you give us the choice of choosing other colors- not mandatory!

Annoymous 2 years ago

RED! I love it! Where can I buy it?

seanorjohn profile image

seanorjohn 2 years ago

The iphone 6 will hopefully resolve the google maps issue.

bbjania 2 years ago

very nice phone

Jamie 2 years ago

I LOVE the new iphone 6. I will be buying the iphonr 6 in red for sure! so HOT

suggyboy 3 years ago

what day is it out on?

StephSev108 profile image

StephSev108 3 years ago from Atlanta, GA

Thanks for this awesome hub! I voted up.

daniela 3 years ago

It's cool

stevvieboi 3 years ago

i was planning on getting the new one coming out, as i like the look of the new features, but as the dock connector is smaller its going to cost me a fortune to change everything in my home and vehicles, think this is a bad move for apple, as many people will be in the same boat, so i will now be looking at alternatives that will work with the stuff i already have

Rod 3 years ago

It comes out this Wednesday and I know for a fact that I'm getting regardless to what everyone else says about it

Siri 3 years ago

I totally getting this phone

Johan 3 years ago

Liquid metall was used 10 years ago by Nokia. Nothing new in the smartphone ord.

vikas pandey 3 years ago


this is amazing mobile.....................................

in this phone main thing is this is a SIM less phone.....

Jillxz 3 years ago

iPhone 5 is not for me. Don't like the looks of it.

Samsen 3 years ago

Now that 5 is coming out for sure, may be its the right time to get 4S for myself.

Sorry mac.

I hate 5 if it can not fit to my cars iphone direct connection, use the typical ducking platform and unlike the Evo that beat 4 baddly, 5 and most new phones do not have HDMI out anymore for direct view of HD video capabilities incorporated.

Something is not right...

John 3 years ago


exthus profile image

exthus 3 years ago

It looks awesome. I hear they have used the gorilla glass on this model too? That would be great as my 4S screen shattered when it fell from less than 1 meter height onto carpet :( Looks like it would take a lot more than that to smash the gorilla glass.

majid 3 years ago

very good

lucyhoodufinshnof 3 years ago

the shape is really weird...where is the home button?!

tim salley 3 years ago

I'm sure all of us would like to see a flash option to go along with the 5 megapixel front facing camera so the quality of the pic is just as good as the back

lona 3 years ago

I love the iPhone i get a new one every year

Josh Hajpel 3 years ago


chhee 3 years ago

how much is it?

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